How Dana Publicover finds clients

Find out her top lead channels from over 15 years of self-employment

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When I was introduced to Staci Millard and Kristina Bartold, I knew they were the kind of people I wanted to learn from and growth with. That’s why I’m flying up to Toronto for their Business Breakthrough live event. If you’re in the area, would love to meet you there!

I met Dana Publicover a few years back when we were both running different businesses. You know you’ve really found your people when you ride through transitions together. I’ve watched Dana go from solopreneur to agency owner these last few years weathering a lot of uncertain times.

One of the things that makes finding clients difficult is the changes outside your control. Instagram changing their algorithm. Google succumbing to the AI craze. The world shutting down because of a deadly disease.

Dana has been through all of these in her 15 years of self-employment and she’s still here kicking. I was over the moon when she agreed to be the first guest on The Low Energy Leads Show.

Dana and I talked about how she found her first client, how she finds clients now, how she helps other businesses find their customers and how to change course when what was working inexplicably stops working so well. In this interview, she shares some timeless tips for getting through client “droughts.”

I’ve already been getting raves about this episode. I know you’re going to find it useful for your business. Episode is out now on YouTube, Apple and Spotify. Give it a listen and put Dana’s advice into action!

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