How I designed a lead tracker in Airtable

Tracking your leads is key to driving more of them

You can’t drive more leads if you don’t know where your leads are coming from.

That’s why lead tracking is instrumental in helping us make marketing and sales decisions. If we gather info about where leads are coming from and how they’re moving into sales (or not), we can get better and faster at driving bookings.

With lead tracking, you can quickly see:

  • How this lead found you

  • How long it takes from outreach to booked

  • If you’re dropping the ball on leads

  • Projected revenue for all the projects in your pipeline

And best of all, you can quickly rework that data into quick view charts to get a sense of your top lead and sales sources throughout the year. (If you don’t track that info over time, you end up leaning into your recency bias about what just worked in August and you may forget what worked back in January.)

Until now, I had been using a small business CRM to track my leads. Tracking lead sources is often a feature of CRMs, alongside proposals, invoicing, contracts and project management. That worked for me for a few years but this year, I hit pause on 1:1 services and went all in on my membership.

The way I had been tracking leads wasn’t all that helpful once I hid my contact form from the website menu 😂

So I redesigned how I track my leads in Airtable. Now, I can pull in multiple sources (like the newsletter segment for my waitlist!) and see all the info in one place. I can more easily see my top visibility channels and the top conversion channels that motivate someone to join my program. (Major credit to systems strategist Devin Lee who inspired this switch)

Want to see it in action? Tune into this week’s episode of Low Energy Leads and grab the free Airtable template I created.

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