I deleted Instagram. Here's why I think you can too.

Is social media *really* that crucial for your business? I didn't think so

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I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing people announce their departure from social media. After cousin Greg left Facebook for the 10th time, you lost interest.

Here’s why I wanted to make a whole episode about it: because I think small businesses give WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT to social media.

I’ve been on social since the Myspace/Friendster days. I was in college when Zuckerberg launched Facebook. It always felt like we were riding a mechanical bull and yet, it’s never felt more unpredictable than it does right now.

Having worked inside tech companies for many years, I simply do not trust their decision-making. I never want to rely on any single one of them to run my business. Diversify or die.

For all of the above reasons, I’ve been playing fast and loose with my social channels for years. I deleted my biggest account (Twitter) at around 10k followers. I’ve had 3 Facebook accounts, 10+ Instagrams, 2 LinkedIns and 2 TikToks. Hilariously, my most popular TikTok (and that’s not saying much) is about how followers ≠ buyers. It can be fun to experiment on social. It can also be a major timesuck with little return compared to other marketing activities.

If you’re on the fence about whether you need all the social media in your business, I hope this episode offers you some food for thought.

Taking back our time together—

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