Is LinkedIn the secret to selling digital products?

Two service providers spill the beans

Is LinkedIn…the sad beige lady of the internet…THE SECRET?

Before we get into it, let me catch us all up on where we are on our journey of Selling Digital Products.

I wanted to know “how can I get my digital product selling better?”

So I loaded you all up into my tiny 10 year old sedan and we’ve been on a little road trip together through Passive Income Land these past three weeks.

our road trip together

We’ve taken side trips to:
1) Worked for me: My data, experiments and wins selling my own products
2) Channel city: Places where we can promote our products
3) Message mart: Finding the messages we need to motivate sales

This week, we’ve added a couple tour guides to our trip and lucky for us, they’re frequent travelers through Passive Income Land. 🍀

Our guides: Jeff White and Amy Santee are both service providers who also sell digital products.

Jeff runs a successful agency in health tech design with nearly 10 years in business. Amy has a career strategy and coaching business for UX designers and was previously a design research consultant for big brands.

And they both find digital products worth their time.

Jeff has had over 700 students take his course and Amy uses her shop to complement her services often turning tools from client work into sellable downloads.

But here’s the kicker. LinkedIn is a big part of both their strategies.

In Jeff’s case, it’s his main channel for both the agency and the course.

In Amy’s case, it’s one of a few but still a substantial one.

Both of them have relevant-to-their-target LinkedIn professional networks running back many years. Amy called this part “foundational.”

They don’t just have solid networks, they also have sizable follower counts. Amy with 22k and Jeff with 40k. And they get a lot of enthusiastic engagement on their posts from their right fit audiences.

Which brings us to the gift shop part of our tour. Inspired by our tour guides and their insights, I made you an Audience Size Calculator.

Size is not everything and I’m still a big believer in the power of small audiences but audience size x conversion rate x price is an important calculation to make about any of your offers. And especially the cheap ones.

At small audience size, you need more of your audience to be big fans.
At large audience size, that becomes less important.

I know you want the audio tour with Jeff and Amy because it’s not quite so simple as “just use LinkedIn” so grab your headphones and tune into this week’s episode of Low Energy Leads!

By the way, if you’re asking “Are we there yet?”—almost! we’ll wrap this series up next week with an episode on why social proof multiplies your sales and how I’m planning to incorporate it more in everything I do.

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