Networking like a pro with Eleanor Mayrhofer

Three strategies she uses to start and grow relationships

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Speaking of relationships, I spoke with Kristina Bartold about why the most valuable audience is the one you already have on the Build Your Digital Community podcast.

I talk to a lot of people about how they get clients. And one major play comes up every time: networking.

Networking can feel nebulous. It’s kind of unclear what people mean by it.

Luckily, Eleanor Mayrhofer lets us in on some rarely discussed secrets to networking on The Low Energy Leads Show this week.

Eleanor is a web designer and digital marketer based in Munich, Germany. She’s cultivated an intentional network of expats navigating business ownership in Germany.

My ears perked up when she shared the following insights:

  • Networking isn’t just happening at events labeled “networking.” Eleanor uses LinkedIn and her podcast for networking too.

  • Niching helps with networking. Eleanor shared how she defined her playing field and how it powers her relationships.

  • Networking doesn’t have to suck. Eleanor chooses who she wants to surround herself with and how she wants to spend time with them.

We also talked about how working with clients can be unpredictable and the ways Eleanor smoothes out the ride with her productized services.

Tune into this week’s episode to hear more about her approach and her advice!

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