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  • Mark gets DMs from potential clients every time he does this...

Mark gets DMs from potential clients every time he does this...

A visibility hack to get recognized and be remembered!

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I can’t take my friend Mark anywhere without him being recognized.

Last week, we were at an empty pub on a weekday at 5pm. It’s just us, the waiter and someone sitting at another table.

That person asks us to watch her dog for a sec and when she comes back, she says “Wait, aren’t you Mark Tioxon?”

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This happens so often that it has turned into a bit between us that Mark is secretly paying people to pretend to recognize him in public.

What’s actually happening is that Mark is really good at being memorable.

How does he do it?! Today, we’re getting into that as we continue our series on One Hour Visibility Hacks. Find Mark’s visibility hack below and try it this week!

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Visibility Hack: Show Your Face

The story

What exactly is Mark doing that he gets noticed everywhere we go?

He connects his face and name to his message.

That’s actually how we met. I kept seeing his face on my “for you” page all over TikTok.

Mark is the face of two businesses: he’s the co-founder of a popular local kombucha brand and he’s a wedding photographer.

His preferred channel for both is his Instagram where he shares:

📸 Behind the scenes videos of him at work
📸 Photos of himself
📸 Photos of his clients

Mark’s followers feel more connected to him because of this visibility strategy and that’s why he’s too famous to be in public. What this leads to on the business side is more referrals, more introductions and more direct bookings because he is continuously building trust and staying top of mind.

The strategy

There’s a short and long game at play here but how’s this for a quick win? Mark told me that when he posts photos of his face, people DM him to book photo shoots right away.

We determined that this was because:

💡It’s an easy like: When scrolling the feed, your followers are making snap judgements about whether or not to interact. A photo of your face is one of the least likely posts to strain the brain which means it’s more likely to get interactions and therefore it will get wider visibility.

💡It creates a connection to him: Mark is building what’s called a parasocial relationship with his followers. Even if they met offline, they get to know him through these photo and video posts. Psychologists are starting to research this trust dynamic and its impact on consumer behavior. Studies produced so far indicate that these interactions “have a tangible impact on purchase intention.”

💡It makes his work relatable: The behind the scenes content of Mark in the field shooting photos or delivering kombucha turn an abstract occupation into a real world scenario. In short, you believe Mark is better at his job because you can see him doing his job well for real customers.

The hack

Ready to do this? Set a 60 min timer or find me on Groove today and let’s plaster your face in places!

  1. Choose three GOOD photos of yourself and stash ‘em in a folder on your desktop (Photo 1 should be a headshot, Photo 2 should be you at work solo, Photo 3 should be you at work with people)—don’t have all these? Do the best with what you’ve got!

  2. Pick two visibility channels where you regularly market your business. They do not have to be social media (your email newsletter, a community, your podcast, upcoming speaking gigs are all great too!)

  3. Upload one photo of yourself wherever there’s places to put photos on both of those channels. Skim above for how I use this every week in this very email!

  4. Cue up a piece of fresh content featuring your face. Your two visibility channels should help you determine the content type. Examples beyond social media include: a podcast ep, a newsletter edition, a community post, a paid ad, a blog post, or an event announcement.

✅ Make sure it’s a good photo: Use Photofeeler to see what others think. It’s free if you vote on other people’s photos.

🗒️ Need examples? Check out this post from Matt Herron yesterday or get on LaShonda Brown’s newsletter because it’s photo rich. Of course, don’t forget to follow Mark Tioxon too.

📌 Like this tip? Add this on your calendar once a month and make it a habit!

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