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Why and how I started doing deals in LinkedIn DMs

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A whole lotta people are sitting around waiting for leads.

But not us, my friends. We’re out there opening our own doors.

I remember asking a pro speaker once how they booked a particular speaking gig and they replied, “I messaged the conference organizer and asked if I could give a talk.”

Oh, so you just asked for it.

I don’t know what magic I thought was at play here but asking had not even occurred to me. This was back in my 20s when I thought people would just notice me. Now, 90% of my success is because I’ve started asking for it.

One thing I’ve learned this year is just how much reviews matter. Not just for paid services, but even to get people reading your newsletter! Olly from Senja gathered up 100 examples of newsletter sign up pages and you’ll notice how many of them use reviews to drive growth.

In today’s issue, we’re covering one of my favorite places to make these asks: direct messages (also known as DMs). It’s the last lever we’re looking at in our series on LinkedIn for Lead Gen.

You can use DMs to stay in touch with people you already know AND you can also start up new relationships with people you want to know.

Of course, it’s great when those asks lead to revenue and they can!

I sold one of my founding member spots via a cold DM two years ago and have been using this lever ever since. Want to know how? Read the story below and try it out for yourself!

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P.P.S. Shout out to Denise Renee who shared her LinkedIn commenting strategy in detail (worth reading!)

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Get leads from LinkedIn with DMs

The story

In 2022, I launched a membership called Growthtrackers. Even though it was originally designed for and around my existing clients, I still wanted to get it in front of as many right fit potential members as I could.

I didn’t have high volume strategies at that point.

My email list was around 300. My follower count was sub-2000 on every channel. I didn’t have a YouTube, a podcast or a recurring event series. I didn’t even have a referral program yet.

So I started googling lead gen services and I came across Copilot AI.

I booked a demo and learned that Copilot would DM people for me, and then, if someone was interested, it would pass the chat over to me to talk with them. I loaded up my search criteria along with a script and got it running.

One month later, I sold my first membership to someone it identified and I was sold on DMs as a deal maker.

The strategy

Copilot AI worked for me BUT it also brought a lot of low quality, time wasting leads in the door. I’m sold on their strategy but I don’t recommend this tool to every business.

Here’s what Copilot AI does:

  1. Runs a search based on criteria you select (job titles, company size, industry, keywords)

  2. Sends connection requests with a message in them

  3. Runs a conversational sales script you define for connections that accept (message 1, message 2, message 3)

  4. Runs a sentiment analysis to punt interested leads over to you and it handles responding to people who aren’t interested

This strategy works manually too. I recommend focusing on:

  • 2nd degree connections you have something in common with

  • A fine tuned search with job title, tagline, industry or location (be targeted and thoughtful rather than going for volume)

  • An opening message that helps them self-select as problem aware or solution shopping (I had another version that read “How much are you working on getting new clients right now?”)

Be a person. Say a thing you’d actually say to them if you wanted to strike up a sales chat at a networky event.

The action

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  1. Search LinkedIn by a keyword your buyers or partners would have on their profile

  2. Once the search pop ups, filter by people > 2nd (degree) using the buttons that appear at the top

  3. Separately draft a great opening line that asks them if they are problem aware or solution shopping “I noticed you do X. Are you thinking about Y?”

  4. Send a connection request with the message

Cold outreach can be daunting so you can also start by DMing people who have signed up for an event you’re hosting, joined your mailing list or recently followed you. Those are going to be automatically a lot warmer and you’re more likely to get a response.

That’s a wrap on our LinkedIn for Lead Gen series. Missed an issue? Find ‘em all right here!

💻 Get a LinkedIn pep talk from a chat bot

Feeling a little uncertain when you open LinkedIn? You’re not alone. A lot of us hesitate to push publish on posts, comments and DMs.

My creative friend Annie Krambuhl (Service and Product Designer for climate tech) has a solution. She uses ChatGPT to hype up her posts and ideas before taking them to LinkedIn.

Try her prompts with your favorite AI tool:

  1. I’m about to post this on LinkedIn [insert post content]. Can you give me a little pep talk?

  2. Can you tell me how this sounds, but not make any changes? [Insert post, comment or DM]

  3. I want to share this on LinkedIn: [insert post, comment, DM], why might people want to hear about this topic from me?

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