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Why I still hate Google Analytics and what you can use instead

If you're looking at website traffic, check out these affordable alternatives

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I recently met personal branding photographer Raj Bandyopadhyay and loved his story-based approach to attracting clients. Sounds cool right? Raj put together this quick guide to help you Uncover Your Unique Brand Story.

You may have noticed a lot of people talking about Google Analytics this week.

Long story short, Google changed over to a new version of analytics called Google Analytics 4. They announced that change a few years back, but as of this week, the previous version of GA is no longer available to use. It’s a great time to check in on your website analytics, make sure it’s still tracking as you expect and consider whether it’s time to switch to an easier tool.

(Before you bother with tools, it’s also worth asking yourself whether you need analytics at all. Data doesn’t matter much if you’re not looking at it, understanding it and acting on it.)

A lot of us have been taught over the years that data must be cumbersome and confusing. But it truly doesn’t have to be! It can be easy to figure out where your website traffic is coming from, what people are looking at on your site and where they are dead-ending.

In this week’s episode of Low Energy Leads, I share some reasons why I think Google Analytics is the worst choice for website analytics and a few great alternatives we’ve seen come on the scene these last couple years.

We’ve been stuck with Google Analytics as the main choice for website owners for years, but a new dawn is breaking! You can now use tools like Plausible, Fathom and Pirsch which have essentially no learning curve. As a major bonus, they are all “small tech” companies that prioritize our privacy.

I don’t talk about this much here but I’m a major analytics nerd and have been for years (Raj, who I mentioned earlier, is also a former data scientist—creatives who love data find each other!).

Wondering whether you should bother with analytics or which tool makes sense for you? Reply and I’ll give you my best rec for your business.

Taking back our time together—

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