One review changed my mind about asking for them

Public reviews on LinkedIn and why they work so well

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I didn’t used to care about reviews.

Janna Carlson changed my mind.

Janna is the co-founder of Studio Rocket Web Design and she’s been a Growthtracker since March 2023.

Late last year, she took to Instagram and posted this:
“I’ve been part of Lex Roman’s Growthtrackers community for six months and have booked about 75% of our 2023 revenue as a direct result of my learning there.”

What a review! Now that’s a result people can latch onto!

I looked at why 10 digital products were selling like hotcakes. The one thing they all had in common? Loads of great reviews! That’s why I prioritized adding Senja to my stack. I knew I was missing something and Senja paid for itself when I saw those Gumroad sales start coming in.

Up until Janna posted that, I had stopped prioritizing reviews.

Every time I had tried before, the responses came back kind of lukewarm. “Lex is great!” or “I love working with Lex!” Not exactly words to put on a billboard.

Janna’s post was so much more than a review.
It was a public vote of confidence for what I offer.

Hearing about her results even worked to convert ONE OF MY REAL LIFE FRIENDS who was on the fence about my program. He knew about it but when he heard it from Janna, he bought a membership. Turns out even friends need strong social proof!

Since Janna’s review, I’ve started singing the praises of the PUBLIC review.

Sound enticing? Get motivated to make the ask with this week’s story on how ONE public review landed an immediate project—find it below. It’s part of our series on LinkedIn for leads.

Then, try it out for yourself and watch what happens when your clients say that review with their full chest!*

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P.P.S. Huge gratitude to Janna for teaching us the value of an expertly crafted review. She’s a genius marketer in more ways than one and she’s offering friendly website roasts if you’ve been thinking it’s time for a new site.

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Get leads from LinkedIn with public reviews

The story

What can one little shout out do for your pipeline? Max Doucet-Benoit knows firsthand the power of the public review.

Max is a writer and content strategist who works with B2B tech companies. He says “LinkedIn can be cringe at times, but I understand and respect its power.” That comes from his experience booking clients via LinkedIn with “barely 200 connections.”

Last month, he had a super successful collaboration with a video production house on a series for a mutual client. According to Max, they were “the best video producers” he’d ever worked with.

So Max took to LinkedIn to sing their praises. His post got them another gig right away!

The strategy

If you click through to Max’s post, you’ll notice it did not perform well by social media standards. It’s also not even meant to be a review.

Max thinks it worked ”because my connections trust me” and that exact part is really the benefit of asking for and receiving public reviews.

It’s turning a review into a trusted referral real fast.

Here’s a few other possible factors:

  • Max’s post includes the end result (the video)

  • Max’s post is a reshare of the client posting it which indicates the client was happy enough to post it

  • Max is also a creative service provider which adds weight to his opinion of other creative services

No need to overcomplicate it though! The key factor here is the PUBLIC post part.

The action

Show us your work when you get your Bingo Card and share it on my post!

  1. Find one stellar review a client already left you

  2. Look that client up to see if they use LinkedIn actively (check their post and comment history on their profile!)

  3. Ask them if they’d share their review as a LinkedIn post and tag you

Don’t have any reviews that make sense for this? Try asking a client you haven’t asked before! Bonus points if you give them a solid prompt—check these ones out from Senja.

Then, come back next week where we’ll take it into private mode and get into the DMs! It’ll be the last issue in our series on LinkedIn Levers for Lead Gen.

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What Kleo is useful for:

  • Easily sorting your most popular posts by likes, comments, reposts

  • Easily finding posts to comment on (you can search by keyword or go to the profiles of prospects, clients, partners)

  • Viewing your posts in draft mode and how they will truncate when posted

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*”Say it with your chest” - Kevin Hart (2017), Ariana Grande (2024), Lex Roman