I had no idea a name could cost me thousands of dollars

This week's visibility hack boosts search discoverability, shares and sales

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I had no idea a name could cost me thousands of dollars.

I learned this the hard way when I launched my first product in 2022. It took so much effort to sell and I couldn’t figure out what to fix.

I banged my head against the wall all winter and spring until one day it dawned on me…maybe I called it the wrong thing?

I opened Canva, swapped the name on the cover and uploaded it to Gumroad.

All the sudden, it started selling 2x better without any new marketing.

I looked at why 10 digital products were selling like hotcakes. The one thing they all had in common? Loads of great reviews! That’s why I prioritized adding Senja to my stack. I knew I was missing something and Senja paid for itself when I saw those Gumroad sales start coming in.

Whether you’re selling templates, toolkits or power hours, the challenge is the same:

You have to sell without talking to your buyer.

That’s why what you call something plays such a big role.

I was sure I was alone in my mistake here, until I heard Chris Nguyen of UX Playbook share the same insight. A product name change made him 40% more revenue!!!

After hearing his story, I knew you’d want to know exactly how a seemingly small detail made Chris so much more money.

Scroll below for the breakdown on this visibility hack and try it out for yourself!

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Visibility Hack: Rename Your Offer

The story

You’ve spent hours upon hours making something great to sell.

From the landing page to the lead magnet to the automations you rigged up, you’ve really thought of every last touch.

There’s just one thing in your way: a lackluster name.

Chris Nguyen, founder of UX Playbook, knows the dilemma. Chris sells playbooks for digital designers who want to get jobs or promotions.

When he launched his first bundle (two playbooks as a package), he called it the “UX & Management Playbooks Bundle.”

Chris laughs at how bad this name was now (hindsight and all) but it was simply the name of each individual playbook put together as one.

Rapid experimenter that he is, he decided to change the name to the “Senior Designer Bundle.”

Ba da boom. Sales improved!

As you can see, the difference was about $2100. JUST BECAUSE OF THE NAME.

Chris's revenue chart

Screenshot provided by Chris Nguyen of the before and after on this bundle

The strategy

When I interviewed Chris about his digital product business, he called out that the strategy switch was to name the product after the persona.

The “Senior Designer Bundle” clearly names who the buyer should be. That cuts down on confusion when someone is browsing your website, wondering if something is for them or not.

You might be wondering how this counts as a visibility hack (not a sales hack). It’s both because:

💡The right name bumps you up in search: whether someone is searching Reddit, Gumroad OR even when they’re scanning their inbox for keywords, the name impacts how much your offers will get seen.

💡The right name encourages your fans to share: one thing that makes referrals and shout outs easier is when it’s obvious to your buyer who else might need that thing. A sharp name makes it more of a slamdunk for their audience too.

💡The right name means more scroll stoppers: the product or service name can make or break the click through on your organic content, your partner cross-promotions and your paid ads.

The hack

Ready to try this? Set a 60 min timer or find me on Groove today and let’s make it happen!

  1. Choose one of your services or products. It can be anything that has a name, even if that name is “web design package.”

  2. Jot down alternate names: Try writing 3 persona names, 3 situation names and 3 outcome names.

  3. Run the options through Ahrefs keyword generator: Check the search volume for your new names but don’t let this deter you if search isn’t important in your world.

  4. Pick one and change the name!

⛅️ Don’t want to change it yet? Test it out in your content by changing what you call it in your marketing call to actions for a few weeks.

✏️ Need a naming buddy? I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight Kara Detwiller’s super affordable new naming service.

📆 Did you try this tip? Make a note in your calendar to check in on your clickthrough and sales data 3-4 weeks after the change.

🏆️ Top 5 ways to sell digital products or productized offers

Whether you’ve written an ebook or you want to sell a brand package, here’s 5 places I’d try to get your first buyers for it.

  1. Send it to people you already know: This is how I started Growthtrackers: I offered it to my 1:1 clients. Ideal if you’ve already had lots of clients with the same issue.

  2. Use a marketplace: Gumroad, Etsy, Creative Market can be good places for digital products and they have built-in discovery. Take note of what the top ranking products are doing to get seen!

  3. Run a related event: Host a webinar or live event on a related topic and pitch your product or service at the end.

  4. Pair with a related service pro: One design agency I worked at had a go-to SEO pro and his menu of packaged services made it easy for us to fast track buyers to him.

  5. Pitch yourself as a guest speaker: If you don’t have the right audience, find them! And pitch a talk or workshop that gets people wanting to buy the thing you’re selling.

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