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Your quick start guide to finding your buyers

Welcome to Low Energy Leads! 🎉

You’re here because you want finding your buyers to take less effort. I’m here to help you make that happen.

How I got here

I too once thought I could put things out and people would just buy them.

When I launched my first course 5 years ago, I tweeted a link that went straight to Stripe with no sales page. Sold 40 spots in pre-sale. Couple years later, my next course barely got that many sales in its first whole year.

When I went out on my own for consulting, I booked a 6 month, 6 figure contract right away. But nearly immediately, I stopped wanting projects like that and pivoted to smaller offers. I had no idea how much harder they’d be to sell.

When I started my first Substack newsletter, I got several press features and public recommendations without asking for them. A rarity I didn’t fully appreciate in that moment.

Nothing has come as easily since then.

Marketing has gotten a lot more complicated. I don’t know what happened during the first year of the pandemic, but it kind of seems like a lot more people entered this game of “catch their attention” we’re all playing online.

Who I am

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Lex Roman. I’m a Silicon Valley growth designer turned small business growth marketer. Those terms may seem the same to you but basically, I used to work for tech companies and now I work only with indie businesses and creator types. More specifically, I led growth projects like “let’s double signups” and “how do we add 10k more MRR” for over 10+ years. Notable projects include Gusto, Prosper, Toyota, Macy’s, and The Black Tux.

After spending so much time in the tech industry, I know big tech is actively working against our interests so here at Low Energy Leads, I share more resilient ways you can gain awareness and find your buyers. When us small fries work together to get seen and get sales, we all benefit.

You can learn more about me at or find me on LinkedIn.

Lex Roman

What’s a low energy lead

I’ve interviewed hundreds of creatives about how they get leads and I consolidated the overall model into this graphic:

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Your bread and butter is your relationships. That’s why referrals and repeat business are MOST of what’s driving creative businesses. You might think you’ve tapped this out, I can guarantee you have not. Channels: networking, email, DMs, communities.

Your light snack is an easy entry point where people can get to know you. I also call this a “hang out space.” For new people in your orbit, this is how they figure out if they like and trust you. Channels: newsletter, podcast, blog, communities, one primary social profile

Your stickiness comes from being really great at what you do. Client experience, good stay in touch practices and delivering quality are tablestakes. While this is less common, I’ve seen more than one entrepreneur have a delivery problem that quickly became a leads problem because no one had rave reviews or referrals.

Where to start

If you need clients fast:

If you’re selling a membership or digital products:

If you want to know how other people get leads:

If you like to listen along, you can also check out the podcast also called Low Energy Leads.

I’d recommend starting with that same episode “Where creatives find clients” which is a greatest hits of the whole first year of the show. Find the podcast on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

Finding community with Low Energy Leads

Right now, we don’t have a formal community but Low Energy Leaguers are all around the internet. You can look for them on LinkedIn by searching “low energy leads” or you can reach out to featured guests of the show.

If there’s someone you’d find it helpful to connect with and I can be of service in locating them, hit me up. Reply to any issue of this newsletter.

Low Energy Leads comes out every Wednesday and occasionally other times if there’s something cool going on like a live or a sale. Look out for the next issue in your inbox

As always, keep your energy low until you know the value will be high.