If your LinkedIn posts flop, try comments!

Amy's top lead source is LinkedIn. Here's her insights on how to get more from the comments.

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“I forgot the world is reading!”

Barbra Streisand told the press that this week when she made headlines for her comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram.

There’s a reason why “don’t read the comments” has become a mantra for anyone making content online. People say wild stuff.

On the flip side though—as was illuminated by the widespread coverage of this ONE COMMENT—comments make you more visible.

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The next few weeks we’re looking at LinkedIn for Lead Gen. Last week, we talked profiles. This week, we’re digging into comments.

Could comments lead your buyers to your doorstep?

Amy Santee says yes! She credits comments as playing a big role in her success with LinkedIn. Read more below on how Amy uses LinkedIn to get inbound leads coming her way.

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Get leads from LinkedIn by commenting

The story

Amy Santee’s top lead source is LinkedIn three years running.

Amy is a UX Career Strategist and Coach, and while she’s a post prodigy (with 23k+ followers), she says the unsung hero of her approach is commenting.

Amy shared “I've had potential clients reach out based on a single comment they read which got them interested in my services either right away or after they have been following me for a while.”

Just have a look at how many leads Amy got from LinkedIn in the last few years:
2022: 146 leads
2023: 127 leads
2024: 41 leads (so far)

That’s from a combination of posting and commenting, both of which drive inbound leads Amy’s way. Pretty compelling results!

The strategy

When making comments, Amy recommends “adding to the conversation by sharing an idea, perspective, or resource” and avoid “plugging your services.”

One of Amy’s recent comments

She also offered this route to those new to LinkedIn too. If you’re not sure what to post, try comments! Amy calls them “a lightweight approach to get visibility and tap into other people's communities that can be equally as powerful as creating original content.”

🔥 A hot tip she served up: “have something catchy and interesting for your headline” because it will show next to your name in the comment. That’s the gateway for someone wanting to learn more about you!

The action

Show us your work when you start your Bingo Card and share it on my post!

  1. Do a LinkedIn search with a keyword related to your buyers like “retail industry” or “education”

  2. Click “People” and filter by 2nd degree connections

  3. Open a few profiles and scroll down to “Activity”, then “Posts”

  4. Identify 3-5 posts you can comment on

  5. Comment something useful, insightful or funny

You can also comment on client, prospects or partner posts. Find more ideas on the bingo card.

Next week, we’ll talk how to leverage REVIEWS on LinkedIn!

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